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August 25, 2012:  This site is just coming online as a “work-in-progress”

To enjoy the future web oriented features of this site, it is recommended that a relative modern computer and browser version, a fast internet connection and a larger, quality monitor set to a minimum of 1260 pixel wide resolution be used to view this site.

Many of the site’s Future Orented Web Features, such as the full screen Google maps and  slide down/pop up  accordion menus, will not display in older browser versions.  If you are having difficultly viewing this site please make sure your browser version meets minimum version requirements listed below.  For more information about goal of this emerging site concept read the notice posted under the “ABOUT” menu.

Minimum browser versions recommended:

Internet Explorer  IE8, IE9

Firefox 4

Safari 4, Safari 5

Opera  (earliest versions may act inconsistent)


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