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Today I am pleased to introduce Scott Mount’s pride and joy Z car that he poured 5 years of his life (and bank account) into to get it to where it is today, one super powerful “road rocket” Z.  And tells me that he isn’t finished, yet.  Now that track and show seasons are over he intends to take the engine back to HUR engine builders to see if they can add another 250+ HP to the 625 it already has at the crank!

Oct. 24 Update:  Read Full specifications page on this car.

The 5 photos being shown in the gallery initially, do not do the car much justice IMO, but they do introduce some unique modifications to a Z race car that I have not seen before, namely a re fabrication and modification of the forward nose section to allow the front section of the car to be pulled forward and away from the unibody in order to access the engine for repairs or removal.  Study the first and 2nd photo in the gallery closely to understand this.

More photos are in the works so stay tuned.

Eric Neyerln – owner of  ZCARWORLD.COM


Posted: September 30, 2012

Author: SleekZ

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