Red GTO Z in Holland

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In the early days, when I was promoting my interest in all past and present re-body kits for Z cars I started to receive quite a few inquiries about these kits and owners offering to send me their best photos of what they had built or owned.  One of the most interesting of these came from a man in Amsterdam, Holland, a Peter Dekker, who, to my surprise, told me that he had ordered and built one of the fairly rare Thunder Ranch GTO kits created by Tom McBurnie, the fellow that took the brunt of Ferrari’s legal rather against all that dared to produce and sell anykind of body kit reminiscent of a real Ferrari.

For now, enjoy this one clean, very visually satisfying photo that Peter Dekker took on film and sent to me to have scanned and  featured at ZPARTS.COM back in the late 1999.  There will be more to show later on.

NOTE: All photos of Peter Dekker’s car displayed on are copyrighted and not to be reproduced or displayed anywhere in print or on the web without permission from Eric Neyerlin of ZPARTS.COM

Eric Neyerlin – owner of  ZPARTS.COM


Posted: August 11, 2012

Author: SleekZ

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