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Peter Meadows 240Z Targa Racer

Out of the basement and ready to fly, Peter’s Targa racer is ready for the track

Peter Meadow’s bright red & yellow, 260Z Targa racer has quite a story behind it and an even longer history.

Originally pulled out from under a deteriorated, tarp covered, mobile car port  in late 90s, painted in a two tone blue and silver paint job, Peter set to documenting his car project from the very beginning.  I first saw somewhat poor quality photos of the car being dismantled into assorted , rusty body panel piles strewn about  a court yard with Peter sitting in the middle of them all grinning like a kid in a candy shop.

Next came photos of Peter at his house, suited up like a Martian with a gas mask over his face, spray painting one panel after another hanging from clothes lines in his basement, apparently using an “air bottle” to “power” his spray gun!  I may have this wrong, but that’s what the photos appeared to show.

After a time I received better quality photos of the car painted red with yellow Western Cyclone II wheels and decorated profusely with brand and sponsor names and a nice big “414” race car ID on the door.   See above photo of  finished “Targa” Racer.  Peter was now “off to the races” so to speak.

After the early years of correspondence, I did not hear much from Peter until around 2004 when some new photos of his car at the track arrived quickly followed by correspondence from a friend of his in New Zealand claiming that he was building the “2nd known” VH45″ engine swap into a Z, namely Peter’s red 240Z.  What followed was a huge MS Word file documenting a home grown VH45 engine swap, a swap that many S30 owners had been discussing in those days, but failed to bring to completion outside their dreams, apart from the amazing dual turbo “450Z” customization that Yuki Komiya pulled off a year prior in Japan.

Long story short, Peter and his engine builder friend (will publish name soon) completed the VH45 swap and Peter returned to racing in what is called the  “Targa Race Circuit” in New Zealand.  Not certain what “Targa” refers to however?  If you know please post it as a comment here.

Many more years went by without me hearing from Peter or his friend and then one day I ran across a small photo on the internet showing Peter’s car nose first into a soft dirt hillside at a race track, with the front section of the car obviously pushed in more than just a little.  Not long after that I ran across one more photo of the car again parked  the same brick covered court yard that you see it in in above photo, Peter’s young daughter flanking one side of the front of the car facing the camera and Peter grinning ear to ear standing on the other side of the mashed in front of the car.

That’s all I know to date.  I have sent Peter several emails requesting updates on his “never ending story”, but so far have heard nothing more from him.  Too bad.  I am sure there is a lot more to tell?

Eric Neyerlin –  November 2012


Posted: August 29, 2012

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