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Winter Z Car Photo Showcase

If you have an interesting, creative, colorful, humorous or sobering photo you would like displayed in the Winter Z Photo Showcase please send it to for consideration

Datsun 280ZX Turbo with Icicles on Mt. Ashland

Bob Stephens wrote that he and his wife drove down to Mt. Ashland from their home in Medford, Oregon just to take a photo of their blue 280ZXT for the Winter Z Photo Display. After almost getting stuck in the snow at the top they were returning home disappointed without a good photo when Bob’s wife spotted an icicle covered hillside at the bottom of the mountain. A quick grab shot rewarded Bob with one of the best images I have received so far. -Eric


Red orange 240Z with parts & mystery - Oregon Winter 2012

There’s a lot more in this shot than meets the eye, literally, but nonetheless a Winter Z Photo contribution like no other.
Here’s a clue: PS 00017


Robert Bell's 350Z snowbound in Colorado

Robert Bell, Founder/owner of Sports Z Magazine contributed this shot to the Winter Z Photo Gallery of his 350Z, virtually snow bound at his home in the mountains of Colorado

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