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Espen Risbruna and his good friend, Olav Skareland, both completed very similar looking red Z car project in Kristiansand, Norway at about the same time back in 2002.  Since then both owners have generously responed to my requests for a diversity of documentation photos of their cars.  In the gallery  are several more photos from Espen taken back in 2004.

Aside from the beauty of the car, the attention to detail, technical execution and RB engine swap all make this car very noteworthy within the world of Z cars.  It is hoped, after I correspond with Espen again, that an extensive spec sheet can be assembled and published here to better document the depth of the builder’s efforts and commitment to excellence.

Photo Note:  Wondering how Espen managed to find a tropical beach in Norway to take the featured photo at?  Wonder no more. I am told that all that “sand” and “ocean cliffs” around and behind the car are actually saw dust!  The location is that of a Norwegian lumber mill and the huge mountains of sawdust waste that is generated from it’s operation.

September 2012:  Olav reported that Espen has sold his red car and is now working on a new project  of unknown model type.  The new owner of this car is being contacted in order to obtain updated photos of the visual changes he has implemented.

  • Clean RB26 engine swap

Posted: August 29, 2012

Author: SleekZ

Category: 240Z, Customized, Engine swap, Europe, Norway, RB26

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  1. KP280Z says:

    Hello Branda,

    Love the mirrors, can you tell me what brand they are? Where to find them?

    Do have any of Youtube videos of your car? It’s perfection !

  2. branda says:

    Hi folks I am the new owner of this car and if any one need more info of the car i can provide you whit that.

  3. […] Skareland  and his good friend, Espen Risbruna, of Kristiansand, Norway, both completed near identical red, G-Nose 240Z projects back in 2002. Years later I am getting reports that Espen sold his car to another Norwegian Z car enthusiast and is now deeply involved in a new Z? project that I hope to receive photos of soon.. My hopes are that eventually both the new owner’s cosmetically altered car and Espen’s new project will be featured here at ZCARWORLD.COM – Eric Neyerlin, editor of ZCARWORLD.COM […]

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