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 Vintage Z car leads at 

Paul Ricard HTTT Race Track in Castellet, France 

The Datsun-France Z car club holds several club meetings at this track.  From what I gather, many of it’s club members participate in the several prestigious vintage car races held at the track each year.  Above you can see a wonderfully red 240Z, owned by , out in the lead at a 2011 race.

The “Dix Mille Tours du Castellet” will start its third edition under the sign of success. Now, one of the major European classic meetings, the event gathers high quality grids putting successively GTs, Sports and Touring and Single-seater cars on the track.

DIX Mille Tours showcases several vintage car races  at this world renown track in France with emphasis on hosting vintage car clubs at their events.  Although, guidelines for all cars are to be 1966 and earlier vintage models, they make exceptions for models on the “Happy Few list which includes the early Datsun Z cars.  Note the red Z car leading the pack of vintage models at the 2011 DIX Mille Tours event.

Launched forty years ago to host the F1 Grand Prix de France, the Castellet circuit has undergone heavy work in the early 2000’s to become an ultra-modern layout, symbolised  by its unique blue and red striped run offs. The racetrack was first only dedicated to F1 and other private tests but now, the Paul Ricard, new HTTT (High Tech Track Test) version, has opened its doors again to the public in 2009.

This track became the launching pad venue for the Dix Mille Tours that debuted at this track before adding a European circuit tour in 2011.

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Race Track Circuit Information

Creation : 1970

Situation : 40 km North East from Marseille, France

Length : 5791 Meters

Number of pits : 17 double

  • Dix Mille Tour & Paul Richard HTTT track info

Posted: August 18, 2012

Author: SleekZ

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  1. Mal Land says:

    I can’t work out where on the track this photo was taken. The photo looks like it has been reversed?

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