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Burkhard Hubscher's 240Z in Germany

Burkhard Hubscher’s 240Z in Germany

Burkhard Hubscher first sent me a few grab shots of his orange 73 240Z in 2003 and every since I have been wanting to show it off on a larger stage so now the time has come.  Per my request Burkhard is currently working on taking a complete photo gallery of this car  which is based in the Nordrhein-Westfalia steel cooking region of Germany.  Hopefully a full gallery on the gallery will be published in the next several weeks.

Clean looking orange 240Zs are not all that rare to see even today, but a 240Z with such an interesting customization of a 280ZX honey comb wheel is.  Although, a 280ZX 15″ Turbo wheel on a 240Z is not rare to see, I think Burkhard’s custom painted version makes his 240Z one of the most visually interesting I have come across lately.  What do others think?

Everything is “clean” on Burkhard’s 240Z, even the engine.  More to come.

Clean L6 engine in a 240Z

Nicely maintained L6 engine in a German 240Z


  • Burkhard Hubscher's 240Z in Germany
  • Clean L6 engine in a 240Z

Posted: November 15, 2012

Author: SleekZ

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