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Olav Skareland  and his good friend, Espen Risbruna, of Kristiansand, Norway, both completed near identical red, G-Nose 240Z projects back in 2002 with the exception that Espen added a RB26 engine swap to complete his vision of a Z.  In the gallery section there is a photo of the 2 cars side by side in front of Olav’s nicely outfitted home garage  just after Olav’s car was painted.

Over the years both have generously supplied me with many interesting photos of their cars in Norway including a challenging effort to take shots of Olav’s Z in a winter snow scene for my Winter Z Photo Display several years ago.  I really appreciated the extra effort Olav put into that task.  Here are a few of Olav’s photos from 2003-2005 to review.

I have requested that he send me some updated shots for the new website to compliment the historic documentation he has supplied me back in 2002.


Posted: August 29, 2012

Author: SleekZ

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