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Olav’s well equipped home shop in the Norwegian woods

Espen’s finished Z and Olav’s just out of the paint shop

Over the years, through my ZPARTS.COM business I have made the acquaintance with many a generous and creative Z car owner in Norway.  Of the many that have sent me photos, Z buddies, Olav Skareland and Espen Risbruna have been the most enthusiastic and generous.  Interestingly,  both Olav and Espen decided to build customized Zs that at first glance look near identical to each other before you look a little closer and find how much they differ.

Below is a shot of both their cars at the stage of Espen’s being completed and Olav’s just out of the paint shop.  If you do a search on their names or “G-Nose” on this site you will find two different pages featuring their cars in more detail.

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