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Currently it is unclear to me what European countries Nissan officially imported early Z car models to.

It appears that the largest number went to the United Kingdom with England receiving the lion’s share.  I get quite a few parts inquiries from the Scandinavian countries as well.  According to one contact, Portugal received aprox. 200 240Z models, 100 of which are still on the road today.

Since 2000 I have corresponded with a modest number of Z car owners from Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Holland, Turkey and Spain, many of whom have sent me photos in the past, which now look a bit dated due to the early digital cameras they used.

So the search goes on.  If anyone knows of notable Z cars of any years, owned by passionate owners who might be interested to have their cars featured here, please encourage them to contact me.

Eric Neyerlin – ZCARWORLD.COM

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