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Houston, TX 77011
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Rick Merz, based in Texas, is building one hell’ava kool looking IMSA bodied Z  with the performance and power potential to match it’s killer looks.  That engine  ain’t no Cheap Toy with glitter paint  Folks.  Lots of the really Go Fast tech in that baby.

LS3 with Harrop Hurricane TB1 manifold

LS3 with Harrop Hurricane TB1 induction system

Late August:  Car is all put together, finished and out on the street for shake down tests.  Rick is working on assembling a detailed “build record” on the car to be published here in the near future.  (December Preview of the Build Record)

Oct 23, 2012 Update:  Car will run the “Texas Mile” flat out, top speed event in late October, keeping company with some of the fastest street cars in the world ala, Lamborghinis, Ferrari’s and maybe a NASCAR wannabe or two?.  The car’s times will be published  here after the event.

Rick will also have a new Hero video cam onboard so hopefully there will be new photos and video of the car and event to share here soon.

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  • LS3 with Harrop Hurricane TB1 manifold

Posted: August 10, 2012

Author: SleekZ

Category: 280Z, Customized, Texas, United States, V-8, V8

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  1. Carl says:

    Pretty Kool website concept and design going on here as well as some interesting Z cars to review.

    I am wondering what brand of air dam that is on this custom car? It is not the original Nissan G-Nose design. Does anyone know? Please post a reply here if someone knows. I will check the comments section again in a few days.

  2. Whlz says:

    Owner had these super wide wheels custom made in Florida for the car’s extra wide IMSA flares. Certainly an update to styles from Gotti and BBS that were often seen on these extreme IMSA rebodied Z cars back in the IMSA hey day of the 70s, but I pretty much like the updated look as a nice nod to the past and acknowledgment of current day Kool at the same time.

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