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The concept for Z CAR WORLD has been kicking around in my mind for many years since the earliest days of creating my Winter Z Photo display, featuring many unknown, but very creative Z car projects, such as Kevin Wallace’s “Silver Shadow Z” and eventually, publication of  my very popular Z CAR SHOWCASE photo gallery at ZPARTS.COM

This new website is dedicated to all the hundreds of customers and Z car enthusiasts that have shown appreciation and support for the Z car centric, non business related, content that I have created and shared with the Z Car community since  ZPARTS.COM first came online back in 1996.

This site is just coming online in August of 2012 so at the moment there is not much content to view.  Most of it is from my photo archives from the past, but I also have quite a bit of new content being prepared for viewing.  What is available for viewing now will give early visitors an introduction to how uniquely different this Z centric concept  site and layout will be from most anything else a Z enthusiast may have seen to date.

Hopefully by late FALL 2012 a much expanded version of my concept will be available for viewing with many features not not yet viewable.  Until then enjoy what is here.

Guidelines for Z car owners and photographers wishing to submit photos and write-ups for publication here will be published later on.  For now, if you would be interested to have your Z car and location added to the showcase of cars at Z CAR WORLD please send me an email at photos@zparts.com

Eric Neyerlin

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