Yuki Komiya’s 450Z

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Yuki Komiya’s 450Z 

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In 2001, while surfing the backwaters of a just emerging world wide web, I stumbled upon a a couple of photos showing a lonely, almost neglected looking, 240Z facing outward toward a shop’s roll up door of what appeared to be a low budget auto shop behind the car.  Some of it’s panels still had red paint on them, but most were either missing or in old primer grey.

What caught my eye at the time was that the engine bay had a rather large and wide looking V8 engine test fitted into place without any exhaust manifolds or intake system or external hardware to speak off.  And yet it was so wide that the valve covers on the heads just barely cleared the Z’s inner strut towers!

Thus begins my long and hopefully, interesting story about one of the most creative and talented Z car performance and fabricator legends working in Japan today, Yuki Komiya.  Currently, I have a native Japanese speaking Datsun enthusiast working with me to photo document the funky looking, but prestigious tuner/fabricator shop known in Japan as “Dookies” and interview it’s passionate owner, Yuki Komiya, the only person to ever successfully transplant a Dual turbo charged, Nissan VH45 V8 engine, complete with 6 speed transmission, into a 240Z body.  In Japan the car is known as Dookies’ 450Z

450Z's debut at 2004 Tuning Powers at show near Tokyo

Debut of Yuki’s 450Z at prestigious 2004 Tuning Powers show in Heiwajima near Tokyo bay

Stay tuned.  It’s gonna take some time to gather everything together, edit the write-ups from Japan and publish the many new, never before seen images of all the creative projects created at Dookies, from past to present.  Early historical photos background notes on Mr. Komiya’s early Z passion will start to appear here soon.

Eric Neyerlin – editor of Z CAR WORLD

  • Early stages of test fitting of Nissan VH45 V8
  • 450Z's debut at 2004 Tuning Powers at show near Tokyo

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