280ZX at Historic French Farm

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According to Club Zen de France co-founder, Fred Caen, this 1979 280ZX, owned by Jean-Marc and Marina of Angers, France, a small town along the Loire river, is a “stocker” with a few rare features for a French ZX, such as factory AC.   It also is one of only 7 coupes imported to France, the others being the  non AC 2+2 models. The picture was taken at Fred’s in-law’s old farm near Limoges, France, a town noted for it’s world famous china factories.  In 2002 Fred commented to me that “….we had a Z meeting there last year with peoples coming from UK, and Deutschland.

Because I was quite taken with the charm and novelty of the location I requested a few more descriptive notes about the location to broaden my understanding.  He wrote the following:

“Lets start by the doors, Chestnut tree for the little one, and Pine for the big one, the big doors have no handles because it opens from the interior. The little doors where used for the cows while the other one is bigger to allow the carts to enter the barn with the hay that was used for the wintertime. The hay was stored above the cow’s room up to the roof, like +- 8 meters.

This barn is so huge that my In-laws farm house (above photo) could be “stored’ inside the barn…

The stones used for the pavement are also special, they are what we call “standing stones”, averaging 2-3 feet high and buried in the soil to have that long-lasting quality that the older inhabitants liked (you bet, they have been here for centuries and have only a slight “patina”).

During it’s glorious times, the farm had aproximately 15 persons working there.

Château de Châlus-Chabrol castle

The farm is in Chalus, a town noted in history for where King Richard the Lionheart died from an arrow wound infection suffered during battle. The castle where he died, Château de Châlus-Chabrol, remains to this day and every year we have a medieval “revival” with lots of “Chevaliers” doing “tournois” on their horses.”  – Fred Caen


Note: Club Zen de France has since changed it’s name to Club Datsun-FranceVisit their website.


Posted: October 22, 2012

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